Sunday, July 30, 2006

Seek Ye First

Have you ever spent the day with a song stuck in your head? I've had one of those days... woke up with it firmly playing in my brain. Of course, when we get these melodies rattling around, it's usually not the entire song, but just a few sound bites. In my case, it was the first stanza... over and over, with the mental image of the music sheet and notation for cello.

Well, if it's there, you might as well plug into it and allow the Lord to work through it. Thus... "Seek Ye First", which I believe was a 1970's Christian classic... at least, I can still picture those words off the sheet... by Karen Lafferty.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
And His righteousness
And all these things shall be added unto you
Hallelu, Hallelujah!

Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word
That proceeds from the mouth of God
Hallelu, Hallelujah!

Ask and it shall be given unto you
Seek and ye shall find
Knock and the door shall be opened unto you
Hallelu, Hallelujah!

If the Son shall set you free
Ye shall be free indeed
Ye shall know the truth, and it shall set you free
Hallelu, Hallelujah!

Let your light so shine before men that they may see
Your good works and glorify
Your Father in heaven
Hallelu, Hallelujah!

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart
He shall direct thy paths
In all thy ways acknowledge Him
Hallelu, Hallelujah!

Other than being a fantastic song for Communion (our tiny choir hummed it at mass several weeks ago)... it really does speak to the heart. It flows like a Psalm of David. It teaches, even though many people never really pay attention to the wording, or bother to sing it all the way through. I'm not a fan of Christian radio stations, so I can't really say if this oldie but goodie gets much air time anymore, but really, it is a pleasing (to God) song with a valuable message.

We are to seek God in all things, depending upon him for our daily needs. When we seek his kingdom and righteousness, instead of trying to make our own righteousness, we find that God provides both. We can't live on our own egos, either. We have to rely upon our faith in the Lord, and the Holy Spirit, to keep our walks straight.

When times are troubled, and we find ourselves lacking, we need only ask the Lord for help. He will answer us. If we seek him, he will reveal himself to us. We just need to humble ourselves and knock upon his door. Like the parable of the Prodigal Son, our Father will rush towards us, wrapping us in an embrace, no matter how grizzly we look or how horrible we have been. Such is the mercy of God.

Jesus suffered and died so that our sins may be forgiven. He rose again to show the world the promise of that Salvation. God can not die. God is eternal, powerful and victorious. Once we have been given that freedom, God will never take it away from us. We will have that Truth until such a time as we decide, of our own free will, to turn away from it. The Truth, Salvation, does set us free. It is a wonderful feeling, to be cleansed by the Lord, and made anew.

Once we have embraced the Father, we can not keep that good feeling to ourselves. This doesn't mean we need to run out and give Salvation to others... we can not save anyone... we can only plant the seed (remember, it is Jesus that gives Salvation!) But, God charges us to go forth and spread his Good News. We are to be a beacon for others... the Light of Christ shining outward. Our words and actions should be for God. This doesn't mean adding 'Jesus' to every sentence we say. It doesn't mean judging others to see who lacks Jesus. It means that we are to be an example to the world. We have been given freedom, and it is only through the Grace of God that we are blessed. If others see our peace and joy, they may just ask us how they can obtain that feeling for themselves. Fellow Christians can see our walk and be re-inspired in their own walks. United through Christ, Blessed with Salvation, we are one body, one breath, one heart dedicated to the Lord.

Trust in the Lord, always, even when you feel you can't continue. He will direct you, lead you, and uplift you, now and for the rest of your days.

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Anonymous said...

WEll, it sure got Kissy Kissy says Kermit out of my mind. Thane, it's plain to see the Holy Spirit is working within you and in so doing it is uplifting and helping others, including me. Carry on Brother Thane. BiddyBabyKelly

Thane said...

Heck... for some reason I woke up with another song in my head (no lyrics to this one)... and thought today was Thursday. Is it me, or is this week just dragging by??!!

Joe Duran said...

Okay, this is an interesting site. I am always interested when people talk about their Catholic faith as I am a Catholic too. Sorry its so hot in Pennsylvania. We have a trip to Johnstown in a week. We hear it's over 100 degrees. I might pass on that one. Just wanted to say hi,and thanks for your comment.

AnnieElf said...

I sure needed to read these last lines Toni. Been a terrible day and the words are good reminder of where my strength truly lays.

Moneybags said...

What a wonderful post. I especially liked your reflections on that wonderful song. I don't think I've heard it played before, but the words are so poignant! Thank you!