Monday, January 23, 2006

All kidding aside...

Many of you have followed this blog since the early days of Draigon Dregs (which, by the way, is going on its final odyssey in 2 days... I hate paying for things when I can get them free elsewhere - such as Blog Hosting!!!) I wanted to say 'thanks' to those who stuck through, thick and thin. Well, you know my feeling on the thick... no fat chicks. (Just kidding to the loveable patrons of Jenny Craig, who’s kind, if not voluminous, embrace can asphyxiate in record time.)

The was it was… Dregs, the leftovers of stale coffee. It started as a forum to post my asinine ideas (usually after working two double shifts, and then coming home to function as the only adult in the house.) Who the hell reads this stuff anyway?!

Soon I had a following… which really creped me out! (Don’t you people have anything better to do?)

From there, I learned that people don’t mind the occasional sarcastic kick in the teeth (you certainly have proven to be S&M junkies!)

Then, one day, the known universe ended and I found myself with too little time on my hands and not enough of a job to keep myself amused. I made the mistake of getting philosophical, and I quickly found that philosophy mixed with cynicism was something most people could appreciate. I began to poke fun of the very thing that kept me sane… my own faith (well, the followers of my faith. I don’t poke fun of God.)

And, seriously, I don’t have a problem with the weight challenged!

Things began to catch on, and I learned that members of my own community (real life, you know? That thing you don’t have because you’re too addicted to chat and blogs to bother with a daily shower and getting out in the world)… where the hell was I? Oh… I learned that members of my own community had put aside their pitchforks and torches and decided I should help share info about God. Well, most of them didn’t have the pitchforks and torches to begin with. They had no idea I had a twisted side (oh, the upstanding member of the community that I am!) In real life, I am a very quiet person. Honest to God. You won’t hear puns come out of my mouth. Nope. I’m the one that sits in the back of the room and occasionally raises a question or point if I feel it’s quiet enough for me to be heard.

To make a long story short… as I’m sure you have better things to do in life… those of you who have lives…

Some members of the community approached me and asked if I use some of my talents (what talent? I’m serious. Anyone can do this!) to help people understand God better. My online blog began to mirror my articles… and I began to delve into the “why is that’s” on a regular basis. Draigon Dregs became Catholic Connection, the Sublime Substance (1997). But, the hosting platform was clunky and outdated, and I ended up doing test runs using my AOL profile journal (1998-2004). That, of course, never really caught on. It’s AOL… rhymes with Go To Hell, which is what their customer service dept tells me on a regular basis. I stumbled upon (2005), and am going to give it a go. Only time will tell, as they say.

For those of you who are new: welcome. For those of you who have been there since Moses… welcome back. Keep in mind that I prefer not to use the common rules of grammar and the English language. I keep things simple, and speak simply. Anyone can utilize a copious vocabulary in order to convey his or her observations on a subject matter… but just speaking from the heart has its merits, too.