Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rain... (republished from my journal)

There is something to be said for the beauty of rain. Well, at least I'm pretty sure it's already been said before!

I am a fan of rain and storms. I find them comforting and yet powerful. It's a part of nature that can bring new spring life, or death and destruction in the form of storms and floods. Some see the dark clouds as an omen, and they take cover. Others throw off their shoes and dance in the fresh puddles. People have dedicated their lives to careers involving weather. It sparks legends. It is, on whole, beneficial to the planet.

How we see rain can almost be an allegory about how we see our own faith. Are we similar those who dance in the puddles like small children, refreshed by the feeling? Or, do we take cover... doom and gloom... as thunder crashes around us? Do we make a career out of our profession of faith? Can we appreciate the wonder of new life... while cursing the loss of life God sometimes removes?
As for me, I will rejoice in the freshness of rain... and in the Glory that is God's. I have spent most of my day relaxing, due to those hives, and it has rained just about all day. The road looks sleek and shiny. The grass (still green) is no longer thirsty. Hey, even my car is clean, now! Yes, tonight, a huge storm may rip up the road and shatter my windshield, but that is how things are. So, too, with God. He blessed me today with rain.

God is not to blame for poor weather... God created weather, and only man is foolish enough to not respect it. When weather happens, it happens as it's supposed to happen! How we approach the lesson determines how we will benefit from it.


Anonymous said...

Of course I throw off my shoes and dance in the puddles. Biddy