Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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A bridge in Allegheny County, PA.

There is something wonderful about waking up to a spring day... warm sunshine, a soft breeze, and the wonderful site of the first buds on the trees! Robins, finches, cardinals, doves and many other birds break the silence of the early morning, and rabbits and dear regain enough confidence to sneak back into my yard to steal mouthfuls of tender first shoots poking up in my garden.

Living in a rural setting has it's advantages, especially if you have the delight of living back east. Yes, you can sense spring in the city, but I never really had the feeling of being able to embrace it before I moved back here. I can recall a bland sense of seasonal changes in California, and regret how quickly spring passes into summer in Colorado. But, back east, spring takes its time. It doesn't rush. It creeps, allowing each new treasure to reveal itself a little at a time every morning.


Anonymous said...

Trying this again.
I loved your post. We don't really have a spring out here, more like SUMMER all year round it seems.

Anyways.. sounds like you have your own little slice of heaven, right in your own backyard. Sounds beauitful!!!

Tammy aka Suggarrbearr

Anonymous said...

You really have it together Thane. Your love for the land, the animals, birds, trees and flowers among other things was quite evident in your description of the beautiful things in the country that we who live in the city miss out on. It also brought back many fond memories of going to my grandparents and following them around. What a thrill to walk barefoot in the cool soil folliwng my Grandfather as he plowed up the potatoes and how amazed I was. I thought potatoes only came from the grocery store.Your comments also reminded me of the sounds I heard when I woke up each morning in the country. Dearly loved it there. Going out to the garden and eating the huge dew berries was cool too and every afternoon we ganged up outside for watermelon.
Also, I've never seen such a feast as my Grandmother always had on the table three times a day, all from the garden and the meat from the Smokehouse behind t

Thane said...

Heck... the bonus is the wild raspberries and grapes growing in the back garden area.

Anonymous said...

Finishing my post before I was thrown off my horse. And the meat and sausage from the smokehouse behind the house. Hey! I've walked through thickets too and walked barefoot along the creek bed. Ever smoked muscadine? The Jelly is good too from the berries. About three times a week Papa made ice cream and we kids would beg to be the one to sit on the old quilt on the hand cranked ice cream freezer he set up outside by the well. I usually won! Ohhh what fond memories walking down memory lane.