Wednesday, May 31, 2006



Did you see in the news recently where the A.C.L.U.
doesn't want any crosses on Federal property?

Crosses on Federal property?
Well duh.....

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Let them try and remove these.
What are these people thinking?
At what point do we say, "enough is enough!"
Now, having said that, we know that it is hoax. The A.C.L.U. is not seeking to have crosses removed from cemeteries. But, think about it. Why is it that crosses are accepted in cemeteries, but law forbid they be visible anywhere else except a church?

I'll play a bit of 'devil's advocate' here. Well... not so much of a devil's advocate when I'm pointing out a bit of unfairness as far as Christians are treated. lol

In America, a Christian has every right to believe what they believe in, as is the same for non-Christian beliefs. A Wiccan has every right to believe in their faith. A Jew or Muslim also has every right to believe as they do. A Buddhist is also free to be Buddhist.

Now, many non-Christians are offended when they see a cross (and even among the different faiths, there is bitterness, such as a cross vs. a crucifix.) They feel that the cross is an insult to what they believe. They want it removed. Yet, how fair is it that a pentagram or the Star of David can be displayed when the push to remove the cross is so heavy-handed? We can have billboards of a half naked Brittany Spears along the highway, but God help the tiny church that scraps enough funds together to have a billboard that simply says "John 3:16". It's cool when teens flash gang signs with their hands, yet the teenage Catholic is attacked by adults for making the 'sign of the cross' before they say grace during the school lunch hour (well, maybe that has to do with the fact that the Catholic kid won't pull out a gun and shoot ya for mouthing off at them.)

A Pagan is free to say that their beliefs are essential to them. They can discuss what they believe, and it's seen as 'cool'. Likewise, a Taoist can wax poetic on their philosophy, and that too seems PC. But, when a Christian speaks about their faith (a goodly Christian, who is not ranting just to be seen as 'holy' and 'better than everyone else'), it is an abomination to the whole world.

Why is it that everyone can discuss The Da Vinci Code as if it were gospel truth, and the Gospel of Judas as fact, but a Christian can not discuss the Gospels found in the bible without drawing fire from the Gnostics and non-Christians?

You see, no one has the right to force someone to live differently than they do. No one has the right to take away the rights of others. People forget that. You can disagree on things, but you don't need to harass, mock or insult someone because of who they are (or what they are.)

In other words... no one has the right to attack anyone. No one has the right to attack Pagans. No one has the right to attack Muslims or Jews or Buddhists or Agnostics or Gnostics or atheists... or Christians.

Now, we all know people are going to tell us 'you are wrong'. That is human nature. It goes with the 'my life/God/car/kid/house/job/sex is better than yours' attitude. For a Christian, there should never be a moment where we put so much of our ego into something that we feel the need to point out the errors of others in a way that belittles. That is the worldly way of doing things. If we see someone is in error, we can pray for them... we can live our live as God wants so that we are an example to them... we can even say "I don't agree with what you do"... but at all times, we are to love others, despite any sins we see.

When a group of people get all caught up on proving others wrong or stupid, it is no better than the A.C.L.U. trying to take crosses out of Federally owned cemeteries. It is one group trying to control another. If all groups would learn a little bit about respect, the world would be a very peaceful place. Live and let live. Or, live and let God. Or just MYOB and stop trying to hog the darn playground swings.

That last sentence goes for Christians and non-Christians alike.


Moneybags said...


We deserve the right to display our faith. And, for that Jesus said we would be persecuted.

NITSUEM said...

First they took us out of the schools. Now this come on THIS IS AMERICA RIGHT. Founded on christian faith.